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  Showtime: TBA
  Sayed Sabrina
an enduring talent, a local legend, a petite powerhouse

Sayed Sabrina, is an enduring talent, a local legend, a petite powerhouse with a distinct sensuality and sense of humor. If you have ever seen her perform it is hard to forget and equally hard to describe. In the old school style of Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock greats, Sabrina's shows are mesmerizing. Her vocal projection is matched by her lively interactions with her audiences. Sabrina's unique sense of style brings a spirited diversity to the powerful voice that has been her trademark ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Trapdoor Social
Alternative energy rock and sustainability activism

Trapdoor Social (Skylar Funk and Merritt Graves) is a Los Angeles based alternative rock duo committed to fighting global warming and creating new jobs through renewable energy. There is no time for delay since the fossil fuel alternative is erasing coastal communities, intensifying storms, and destroying valuable farmland. ... Keep reading >>
  06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
  The Turners
Get Down With Your Funky Bad Self

The Turners came to life a short time ago when fellow Zappa Plays Zappa band members, who were off tour for while, decided to get a dance party going at the annual World Fest fundraiser event. The song list was compiled swiftly, with a little bit of James Brown, Stevie, Sly Stone, the Beatles, Kool and the Gang and little Burt Bacharach, well maybe not Burt, but...the vegans and environmentalists went nuts! Reprising their heralded set, Scheena Turner (Scheila Gonzalez) on sax, keys and vocals, Jay ... Keep reading >>

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Schedule and Performers subject to change without notice.

  Showtime: TBA
Electric Strings - Beats - Vocals

Fatmagic combines electronic beats with classical string instruments such as the violin and cello. The eclectic voice of Radina completes the unique sound experience. Fatmagic are known for their electrifying live performances and got its start in San Francisco of 2009, founded by Bulgarian native Radina and Austrian native Madmax. Fatmagic released two studio albums along with a couple of EPs and singles. Their single "Get Down" hit the Top 10 on Austrian iTunes charts. Since then the ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  George Sarah
Electronic, Classical, Trip Hop, Ambient

Electronic composer and multi-instrumentalist: George Sarah has been a mainstay on the Los Angeles music scene since 1985. He has garnered much acclaim for his unique brand of electronic chamber music. Sarah performs his original compositions from a bank of synthesizers and electronic rhythms alongside live string musicians, bridging the normally discrete musical worlds of electronic and classical with over 10 Albums and hundreds of songs/scores featured in film and tv, George brings a deep introspection ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  The Conlons
Chilled out roots Americana

The Conlons play chilled-out Americana with roots winding heavily through 60s and 70s rock influences like Nick Drake, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, and more modern influences such as X, The Band Perry and The Civil Wars. ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Eric Michelson
Acoustic Musical Wonder from Boulder, CO

A natural born performer, Eric has been playing and creating music his entire life. After realizing he had more to say than pleasant melodies and dance-able grooves, he began to make music which reflected his more meaningful approach to himself and the world around him. He blends a unique perspective on life with humor and realistic ways of dealing with the mundane, everyday experience. As a performer, Eric has entertained audiences in ways that leave them feeling raw, open, joyful, and distinctly ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  The KI

theKI fuses pop, jazz and electronic music with ancient wisdom and serves as one more voice in the movement to combat the abuse, in all its forms, of human rights and freedom. With jazzy harmonizations floating over ambient grooves and topped with inspirational quotes, theKI invites audiences and listeners to dance, chill, and feel inspired. ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Nina & Randa
Nina & Randa + The Guys

Singer/songwriter/sisters Nina and Randa have been making music since before they could walk. Identical twins, they are naturally harmonious. Most of the time. ... Keep reading >>

  Text HUT to 55678 to receive text alerts 10 minutes before each band or speaker. Standard message and data rates apply Healthy Hut Tent will have:
  • High Energy Speakers with tons of knowledge.
  • Amazing Cooking Demos for yummy dishes.
  • Health & Nutrition Experts
  Showtime: TBA
  Chef AJ
Emcee for Healthy Hut

Chef AJ has followed a plant-based diet for over 36 years. She is a chef, culinary instructor, professional speaker, and author. With her comedy background, she has made appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, David Letterman, and more.

In Los Angeles, Chef AJ teaches her popular Intro Class, which includes cooking instruction, nutritional advice, song parodies and flat-out fun. She discusses food addiction and addresses the emotional side of eating. ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Michele the Trainer
3 M's- Motivation, Movement, and Mindset

Michele the Trainer, Wellness Program Expert, Keynote Speaker, Personal Trainer, Vegan Chef & Author was voted 2013-2014 Best Fitness Trainer by Los Angeles Daily News Readers Choice Awards. Michele's personal success of losing 165 pounds and keeping it off holistically since 1998 is inspiring! Tele-training available-Location is not a factor; connect to Michele the Trainer via Phone/Skype/Webinar from anywhere.
Calll Michele the Trainer at 877-409-1758 or email ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Heather Lounsbury
Fix Your Mood With Plant-based Foods

Stressed out? Anxious all the time? Now you can learn how to calm your nerves and be carefree through eating the right foods. If you have any health issues that just won't improve, a few simple tweaks to your diet may be all you need. Heather's unique take on nutrition through Chinese and Western nutrition will have you happier than you've ever been. She'll give some practical tips on what to eat to improve your mood.

Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac., author of Fix Your Mood With ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Onkar Kaur
Kundalini Yoga to Improve Mood and Stress

Onkar Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Student, Teacher, Meditative Healer, and Jewelry Designer. She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, since the summer of 2006 and has been teaching since the summer of 2008. She has lived in Alabama, Colorado, and now resides in Los Angeles, California. Through grace and destiny, she has been led to share these teachings that have profoundly shaped and changed her life. She finds the most joy in life in teaching , serving others and the world ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Julie Rolf
White Collar Eating

Julie Rolf is the Founder and Director of "White Collar Eating" - a wellness program designed to help people live healthier lives both inside and outside the office. After more than two decades climbing the executive ranks from behind the desk, Julie learned first-hand about the harmful dangers of sitting all day. After being diagnosed with an inflammatory disorder she turned the tables on her own standards of living and maintains a 70lb pound weight loss by eating a whole foods diet, ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Joz Knowz
Burn 'N Shed Exercise Demo

After years of training others, I decided to create Burn 'n Shed. It is a format combining calisthenics, weights, plyometrics, and cardiovascular kickboxing that challenges both body and mind. It is definitely for the determined and ranked "Best Workout in Studio City" by Yelp reviewers. What started as a selfish act in 2009, evolved into a movement. I get to inspire and change a community of people on a daily basis and I love it. It is never about me, but the people in front of me. ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Daniel Stewart
Kirtan Performance

Daniel Stewart is a beloved yoga teacher, co-owner of Rising Lotus Yoga in Sherman Oaks, and a holistic Mind/Body Psychotherapist in private practice in the LA area. Daniel is dedicated to the practice of being fully awake and alive in each moment, and he shares his love of music as a healing and transformational experience though the art and practice of Kirtan.

Daniel's Kirtan is a unique blend of rocking western soul and jazz style improvisation with authentic Sanskrit mantras. He is known ... Keep reading >>

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Join us in the Eco Tent for speakers, discussions and displays about sustainable living and current environmental issues.

 Schedule and Speakers subject to change without notice.

Sponsored by the Lagunitas Brewing Company

The Lagunitas Oasis Beer and Wine Garden

The Lagunitas Oasis is located in front and to the left of the Main Stage offering a prime location to view the action.

This year we're offering beers from our Oasis Sponsor  - The Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Lagunitas is bringing their flagship IPA and a special WorldFest Beer!

Frey's Organic Vineyards is bringing the wine again this year.

We'll also serve non-alcoholic drinks.

Check back for more information on the new VIP area we're building.  Special sections either right in front of the main stage or in the back raised up a level insure you'll have the best views of the Main Stage.  We're also working on some other special perks - stay tuned!

If you belong to a meetup group and would like to schedule a meetup here please let us know!


  Showtime: TBA
  KSK Martial Arts Academy
KSK Martial Arts Academy Developing Strong Confident People for a better world.

Sensei Gregory Poretz began his study of Danzan Ryu in 1973.After a series of troubling incidents in the local community Gregory began to teach self-defense arts to a small group of neighborhood children, this group has blossomed into a traditional jujitsu dojo (Training Hall) offering self-defense and self empowerment training for adults and children.
The Kenshokan Martial Arts Academy located at 21151 Victory Bl is the culmination of a life long dream to share the life enhancing properties of ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Patti Reesha
Introducing you to the fun and fitness of hoop dance

Patti is an interior designer AND certified hoop fitness trainer. She has been training as a hoop dancer for about 2 years and is currently training to hoop with fire-hoops at FIRE GROOVE.

Fire Groove is a family team based out of Hollywood that specializes in providing unique cirque style entertainment, fire dance instruction and handmade equipment.
Whether it is fitness or fun or flow, Patti is very enthusiastic to share the hoop experience with you. ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  Michael Rockstar
MIchael Rockstar: Singing Jokes and Telling Songs Since 2001

Michael Rockstar is an entertainer and musical comedian based in Hollywood, California. Michael's music is a delightful combination of folk, pop, comedy, and dialogue. His influences include Ween, Jonathan Richman, Flight of the Conchords, Raffi, and the Spice Girls. Michael's appeal is most evident at his exciting live shows, which range from solo acoustic performances to full big band blow-outs, with special appearances by puppets and props. Join the fun! ... Keep reading >>
  Showtime: TBA
  David Skale
Dave Skale the Magician

There are a couple of approaches... a show description or a true bio.
Show Description:
Dave could be the best magician ever... if things wouldn't keep going wrong!

Fortunately, Dave is pretty good at covering up his mistakes... or so he thinks!

Just when all seems hopeless, unexpected things happen, fooling Dave AND the kids alike!!

Bio: Dave is a career performer and founder of Auntie Roxie's Life of the Party, an event planning company. He began studying the art of magic ... Keep reading >>

Sponsored by So Delicious Dairy Free

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You are Invited to be Delighted!!


Facepainting, Henna Tattoos and Balloon House!

Hula Hooping, Bean Bag Toss and The Giving Tree!

Fortunetelling, Bubble-making and Crafts!

Baby Changing Station and Chillout Fort! 

And TONS of Laughter!!

 To perform at Kids' Kingdom, contact

Adopt a New Friend at WorldFest!
Many dogs and cats in need of good homes will be at the festival!

Did you know that every year, thousands of animals are euthanized due to overpopulation? But you can help prevent this! If you have an animal companion, PLEASE spay or neuter them. The other solution, open your heart and home to a new friend. There are a wide variety of animals just waiting for someone like you to share their lives with. Visit our adoption area and change your life! Their love is a pure, unconditional love.

Make a difference and save a life!

Some of our animals up for adoption:
BINGO AND CUSTER: Bingo's morning routine consists of dragging his veggies into his pigloo to eat. He likes running through his tunnels, and towel tents are always a hit. Bingo is still getting used to cavy-savvy humans. Talking to the boys when approaching the cage or before coming around any corners/doorways is much appreciated. Bingo will reward you by settling down nicely for lap time. Custer was born into the rescue in October. Custer loves to play and wheek updates about his day. Custer likes to squint when he is happy and when extra excited he squints with both eyes. They are a great bonded pair for a family. (Orange County Cavy Haven)
SCRAPPY: This is Scrappy, 3 year old miniature pinscher. He is very friendly. Loves kids. He was found in the streets looking for food. Scrappy is neutered up to date on vaccines and microchiped. He is looking for his forever home. (RescueMe Pups)
COLE: This is cole he's  1 1/2 years old Staffordshire pit bull mix we rescued him from the Carson shelter. He's been in our rescue for a year. He is very friendly with people and kids. He does not do good with other dogs. Cole is smart and playfull, he knows his basic commands. He has been looking for his forever home. (RescueMe Pups)


Sponsored by


A Day of Spay In May in L.A.!

FixFest is a cooperative effort of spay and neuter clinics throughout Los Angeles.   Clinics will provide spay and neuter services on Sunday May 18 at their own facility under the virtual umbrella a FixFest on Sunday, May 18.    Each family or person bringing a pet to be sterilized to one of the participating clinics will receive a voucher for free admission (up to 2 adults, kids are free) to WorldFest at Woodley Park and the first 40 people at each clinic will receive a gift bag for people and pets.  

To donate to FixFest please go to  Thank you.


Participating Organizations

Thanks to Gift Bag Donors



Special Thanks to VZ








CALL FOR ENTRIES: WorldFest First Art Exhibit, May 18th 2013


Exhibition Background

The WorldFest 2014 Earth Day Festival will be held at the beautiful outdoor setting of Woodley Park in Lake Balboa, CA. We welcome our attendees to a magnificent day filled with entertainment, education and enlightenment. The combination of great music, empowering speakers, environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare non-profits, kids' activities and a delicious food court make for an earth-friendly experience that is sure to be inspiring and enjoyable for all. WorldFest is proud to announce it’s second annual art sale and show focusing on the concept, “The Message of Worldfest”. 


Art Content

Some examples of potential subjects may include:

Compassion: animal rights, pet adoption, empathy.

Sustainability: clean energy, recycling, homesteading, ecology (art made from recycled products encouraged)

Health: Veganism and vegetarianism, nutrition, exercise

Social Justice: Peace, speciesism, equality, non-violence

Contributor Perks

You will be advertised on the WorldFest website and Facebook pages, as well as on the marquis at the event. It is highly recommended you help promote the site to your fans and friends to increase exposure to the five thousand activists that visit us every year. If you’d like to display your art and sculptures, we will provide you spaces to safely display your work. You will be given a free pass for yourself and a guest (you must arrive together) as well as free parking pass.



While normally vendors pay a set fee for a booth to rent for the day, we’d like to support the arts in our community by providing special opportunities to sell your work in a communal art section.


If you are going to sell prints, we have a few sale opportunities for you. It is advised to sell smaller prints as they sell more frequently at a festival). Select a package and all sales will be handled by a WorldFest cashier and you get to keep 75% of your sales. 25% of the sales goes to Towards Freedom, the Non Profit that organizes WorldFest every year.

Exhibitor: (Free) If you do not plan to sell your work, and wish to add to the festival’s Art Avenue by bringing and displaying your work, there will be no charge.


Entry level: (Free) You will be given a 2x4 table and single easel to display your artwork. It is suggested to display one of your more popular images on a larger format to draw people to your table. You will be sharing your table with two other artists in a 10x10 area.  You will be given on free entry to the festival (a 12 dollar value). You will not be charged for your booth or table. Additional easels to display your work can be rented at $35 each for the day.


Full tent ($225 - $300): If you’d like display your work and have a larger space to facilitate sales, we can provide a standard exhibitor pop up tent, tables, chairs, and such at 225 dollars, which is normally $290 for regular exhibitors. You will also be provided an easel to promote your work and can rent additional ones. If you’d like a 10x20 booth we can offer it to you at $300, also a $90 discount from the regular price. Shading canopies available at an additional cost


Please note: you are responsible for your work. There will be no docents to watch over displays this year.



Application Email images (JPEG, PDF or TIFF) to Art Director at Lawrence at These images are for either prints for sale or exhibition. Provide a small summary of how the art pieces fit in with the “Message of WorldFest”, including any special materials you used (recycled for example) in the display.




May 2nd 2013: Final day to submit art for consideration for exhibit or sales. Application includes a credit card number to pay for single/double booth or easel rentals.

May 18th 2013: Art Avenue will be set and tables will be assigned. You may set up displays and artwork on this day. The park will be watched by security overnight. It gets a little moist at night so if you have delicate work you might want to wait until the morning

May 19th 2013: Event date. Art must be up and displayed by 11am. Please arrive early as parking becomes very congested and you’ll have to walk farther with your supplies.

May 20th 2013: We will go through your art sales and arrange a payment.



Gallery: All artwork in the gallery may be sold at the artist’s discretion. Prices can be set by the individual artists. Art sold will be handled by the Art Team and 25% of the purchase will be a donation to Towards Freedom (the nonprofit that runs WorldFest).


Artwork Size: There is no limit to the artwork size. It is highly recommended that you display bring a larger print or original art to display on your easel. 20x30 is a good size.

Materials: Since WorldFest is a compassionate festival, we request that no animal products (wool, feathers, leather, ect) be used in the art pieces.


Fees: Artists will not be charged a fee to enter the festival. They will receive a parking pass and free admission for themselves and one guest. To take advantage of the free guest offer, the artist must arrive at the same time as their guest. See Prices for more information.


Insurance: WorldFest is non profit with a small budget, so we cannot offer insurance. Artists are responsible for their work, displaying it, selling it, and keeping it safe.


Merchandise Sales: Artists are encouraged to take advantage of the five thousand patrons of WorldFest and consider being an exhibitor.  See the Prices section for more information.





Time Stage Name Description
06:00PM Main Stage The Turners Get Down With Your Funky Bad Self



We are looking for volunteers in all areas, at all levels of experience. Join our team, and part of the change!

Sponsored By

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Your generous, tax-deductible donations are welcome, and needed.

Pay It Forward

Vote for a contestant or enter this contest for a chance to win $250 and a free booth in a prime location at WorldFest.

Animal Adoption


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